Not so good ideias

Started by Notreallysomeone, August 25, 2022, 11:31:56 PM

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Hello there, these are my not so good ideas
Luciferium Armor
An armor that requires a permanent commitment, one that will give the pawn a debuff when used, something that damages the user's body, in return to getting boosts. That makes organs much more valuable, rather than being an backup.
Story generator help need
Now we can choose specify the traits/skills to be generated at the game creation. That will save time re-rolling pawns to make sure the colony will have pawns that adapts to our playstyle.
  Not more than a pawn and no less than pawns
Option to disable the names tags in world map. The goal here is make simple to understand the pathing of the pawns, and/or when there are a lot of pawns/stuff going on and is hard to see it.
  Empire fall
Combustion engine are now available on researching. Machines will work for the pawns, and mass production together with logistics will automate stuff like the crafting of clothes, components and stone blocks.
  We are not alone
Aliens? UFO's? Architectonics? The mystery behind the superior beings are revealed, and a new biological specimen is found.


I also have some terrible fantastic ideas.

Boomalopes should have a fair %chance to elope with unmarried colonists.

Luciferium should be able to be manufactured at the end of both medicine and genomics trees with Biotech, and production can result in a "grey goo" scenario.

Sentient monkies and uplifting animals in general.
Anyone else felt their heart break when a pawns marriage falls apart?
Doc & Valarie, I shipped it, she flipped it.