1.3 [WIP] Saiyan Race Mod Update 90% Complete

Started by LifeisGame.inc, February 17, 2022, 11:59:16 PM

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Saiyan Race Mod:
1. 11 Skills and 3 Passives
2. Leveling system similar to mods like Rimworld of Magic, Star wars force mod, etc
3. Working Transformations. Including a Great ape transformation during an event added with the race mod
4. Tail Appendages that can be removed(and regrown when destroyed by combat) or removed permanently through surgery
5. Hidden Skill interactions and about 2 hidden ways to receive Super Saiyan transformation and one straight forward way.
6. Interactions with other mods like Rimworld of Magic and Supreme melee (adds stats during Super Saiyan)

Saiyan Race Transformation- https://imgur.com/gallery/nhUrYux
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