[All version] This bug makes Power switch useless

Started by publicuser, February 18, 2022, 06:36:13 AM

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Build an unconnect Power conduit beside appliances, it is a perfect substitution of Power switch. You can remote switch on/off appliances by press Reconnect button without pawn walking to them and operating which Power switch do

Solution: Reconnect action should let pawn walk to the appliances and take times to finish one by one, instead of remote switch on/off. Different with Power switch, which provides an efficient way to control power to several appliances all at once

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Should be noted that this abuse is known and commonly abused by the community. I saw the tip to use this quite often in the steam forums to have turrets powered off an on at will.


Thanks for the report.  I'll bring this up in my document though it may simply be intended.  Player ingenuity in something like this and avoiding a switch isn't necessarily a bad thing.