How to write my own UI in Rimworld?

Started by liuqixind123, March 17, 2022, 02:09:05 PM

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Quick question: How to write your own UI in game?
I have written several mods with C# and that is really fascinating. Plentiful of wonderful mods have their UI (ie. In Androids, once you click print android there will be a window pops out for you to customize your own android), and I am planning to write a fate grand order like game feature.So the UI thing is very necessary.

Rimworld is built with Unity and i know there exist a few classes in Verse class to build the UI like Window class. Just dnspyed it and found that is a hell mess with really long code. Probably that is not just being written directly. So the question is How to build my own UI? Any tool can help me with that? Is there any tutorial?


ui rendering and rendering in general are part of unity itself and not related to Rimworld

read unity docs


Thank you, gonna learn it right away.