cant get quest due to this bug.

Started by Fact, March 22, 2022, 01:33:20 PM

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Id: 43
State: Ongoing
<saveable Class="Quest">
  <name>ERR: [Pawn_definite]'s [newTitle] Ceremony</name>
  <description>ERR: [Faction_name] is ready to grant [pawn_definite] the title of [newTitle] and the power of a level [psylinkLevel] psylink in a bestowing ceremony.

The bestower will arrive by shuttle and perform the ceremony.

The bestower will only give a title if any throneroom requirements are satisfied. There's a chance of gaining extra honor, depending on how many viewers attend the ceremony. Additionally, every viewer gains a mood bonus.

You can betray the bestower to steal psylink neuroformers, but this will make [faction_name] your enemy.

If you miss or fail this ceremony, there will be another opportunity later. If the bestower or guards are harmed for any reason, there will be diplomatic consequences.</description>
  <signalsReceivedDebug IsNull="True" />
    <li Class="QuestPart_InvolvedFactions">
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