Choose caravan rest time

Started by Twilight Sentinel, March 30, 2022, 01:52:58 PM

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Twilight Sentinel

Caravans are still forced to rest at night with no ability for the player to change this.  This is a very big problem when playing with the darkness meme, as your pawn's combat abilities are atrocious outdoors during daylight hours.  Any raiding or world map missions become far more difficult than they should be, as the game largely forces you to do them during daylight hours.

My suggestion to fix this is to have a toggle setting for caravans that determines at what time they rest.

  • Rest at night: Vanilla default behavior
  • Rest in the day: Inverse of default behavior, however pawns that do not have darkness nullifying benefits will cause the caravan to move slower.
  • Forced march: The caravan will only stop to rest if/when pawns are exhausted.  Penalties to movement speed at night still apply if relevant.