Neufusion's Ultimate Vanilla-ish Mod Collection

Started by Neufusion, June 03, 2022, 05:39:46 PM

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Neufusion's Ultimate Vanilla-ish Mod Collection

A set of mods I've collected and vetted for the Ultimate Vanilla-ish experience without overdoing it with too many added items and functionality. Includes many graphics enhancements and textures.

Lots of new Animals, Plants, Items, Weapons, Armor, Tools. New graphics, upscaled graphics, new textures. Performance tools. Lots of Quality of Life (QoL) mods to make it a more enjoyable experience managing your colony.

Subscribe to all and sort with RimPy or other mod sorting tool.
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Make sure to go into settings and review the settings for every mod.

I personally turn off the the ammo system in Combat Extended because it gets too tedious managing and crafting all of the require ammo and types.

If you are new to modding, It is best to unsubscribe from all mods before subscribing to all mods in this collection.

If you are updating from v1.0 of this list (before 2022-06-03), unsubscribe to all in the collection and then subscribe to all.

I removed Prepare Carefully because it was generating some errors. They may or may not be fixed now. You can add it yourself manually -

Please subscribe, favorite, thumbs up, rate 5 stars, award, and send me money. =]



2022-04-13 : 1.0 First version published.
2022-06-03 : 2.0 Add/Removed some mods based on conflicts, overlapping, redundancy, and QoL improvements. Removed Prepare Carefully.