Where To Find / Mod Request: Item/Building Editor

Started by laughingowl, April 24, 2022, 09:25:00 PM

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Is there anything like Character Editor,  but for items/building,  or even with Dev Tool,  is there a way to edit/change objects. The 'Inspector' allows you to see the XML for an object,  is there any way to change in game?


Yeah actually do use that and can edit Defs with it,  but have I over looked an option or can you edit individual items?

Using Debug Inspector you can see the XML code:
For example I am looking at: <id>Bed92050<>

Can see it is health 182
Normal quality
No pawns assigns...

Question is anyway (with debug tools/in game def editor/ or mod) to modify those values.....  Seems if they are veiwable they should be modifable (or possible to make modifiable)