Decompiling and editing .dll files

Started by strusik_, May 29, 2022, 08:14:35 AM

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Hi, this is a pretty trivial question, but it really bothers me. How do I edit the .dll file of a downloaded mod?

I was able to decompile the file with dotPeek, but that program does not allow me to edit it. I exported the decompiled file to Visual Studio to edit the code, but Visual Studio cannot compile the file back because the code shows many red alleged errors. Can you please tell me a way to edit the dll file. Thank you in advance for your help :)


Thanks, but as I said, I was able to decompile the file and edit it in Visual Studio, but I can't compile it back because Visual Studio highlights a lot of red errors in the code. In google tutorials, projects are written from scratch, rather than editing a downloaded file


please read __very first__ output of google from very beginning to very end.

it's possible that output for you will be different, due to language and preferences, try "secure tab" or similar feature of your browser to ensure reliable results, or probably read more then single result, like two first pages...