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  • October 07, 2022, 05:07:35 AM
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Author Topic: [1.3.3326] Filth producing animal indoors, cannot pin thrumbos to solve  (Read 375 times)


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Version: 1.3.3326 (64-bit)

I've got several tamed thrumbos that walk all over my base. The game tells me I've got filth producing animals indoors and says it's the thrumbos. But, I cannot do anything about it. I can't pin them because pins do not allow thrumbos.

I realize that when colonists get drafted, animals with the right settings are supposed to go help them. That's all well and good. Though, people should be able to pin any animal up. Let the player decide if the risk of pinning up these animals is worth it or not. For me, it is. I've got tons of turrets and other security, super thick walls, and a ton of colonists all with charge rifles and armor. A lot of times, the thrumbos get in the way and aren't helpful, and just end up getting hurt. I want to pin them. I am pretty tired of cleaning up Thrumbo filth.



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Thrumbos obey area restrictions. Just zone them in the pen if you want them there.