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  • August 11, 2022, 02:22:03 AM
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Author Topic: [1.3.3389] Pawns choose raw humant meat over corn in caravans  (Read 163 times)

glass zebra

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If a caravan has only raw human meat and corn to eat, all pawns will choose to eat the human meat when hungry instead of the corn, leading to massive mood penalties. Furthermore, the automatic supply selection when forming a caravan will choose to pack human meat instead of corn if those are the only 2 available food sources. This happens on a fresh save without any changed food restrictions.

Total food (initial):
Total food (after eating)
Mood penalty:

Mostly frozen biome auto food (mixed):
Hot biome auto food (only human meat):

You can avoid this with restrictions of course, but it's a bit weird that the AI willingly chooses human meat when another food is present, especially when auto selecting food to pack (and the decision "let's eat what will rot first to survive" is less important). People at starvation/empty stomach are also entirely excluded from the auto food selection in caravans, so be aware when you test this with dev mode and set them all to -20% food until they are at 0%. The tool will then select no food at all for that pawn (which seems to be a bug).

Post that made me aware of this:

Both DLCs, no mods used.
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