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Author Topic: Vulcan and animals  (Read 354 times)


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Vulcan and animals
« on: August 31, 2022, 01:52:30 AM »


Do my idea is some Overlay map stuff with a risk and reward.
First A Vulcan or more with different activities.
The Vulcan at self you can not settle like mountains but they have an area of affect and a bit of personality if you settle closer your risks get higher.
The types:
- passiv:
A rare outbreak
- Actively:
High rate outbreaks with effects your tile to raining stone chunks that can break roofs and a chance of like a mini meteor (4x4) with random minerals with a lava pool spawn that decay after the outbreak stops. Ash rain that heat up the tile, destroy crops and like snow a layer of Ash that slow down any colonists.
- Super activ:
They constantly get the effect.

If you settle closer you get a higher chance of mini meteors and stone chunk rains and on the map a higher chance of lavapools
A lavapool acts like deep water slows down anyone and burn them slowly so pawns should naturally avoid it like traps but a psy caster can teleport pawns in there.
If you settle in a lavapool area you get access to special technology to research
-Lava power generator: that produces electricity
- Lava smelter and Smith:
Must build near a pool and function like normal smelter and smithys but without electricity and work a bit faster but slowly generating heatstroke.

Sad Animal affect:

If a Animal that can nuzzle gets to old you get the " Sad Animal" debuff (-10) and it's a sign to put at down.
If you do it you still get the debuff but also a protective buff that prevents pawns and pawns with a bond to get mental breaks for killing the animal but if you just slaughter it you get also a debuff "Animal cruelty" and every other pawns get a social debuff on the slaughter. Is a pawns bonded to the animal they will become Enemies and will fight more often.

I hope it is understandable. Still learning English as a German so feel free to correct me it would help me a lot <3