Bugs I've found on rimworld

Started by Notreallysomeone, August 25, 2022, 10:58:11 PM

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Hi there,
Only one farm zone bug
  The options 'Allow sowing' 'Allow harvesting' will only work if there is only one growning zone in the map.
Downed pawns will not be rescued by other, unless ordered to do it
  Most of the times when a pawn is incapacitated they aren't rescued(eg. lost a fight, collapse due to blood loss), it doesn't matter the priority levels, or number of medical bed, neither if he collapse inside home area.
  Mason suicide
When building a wall that will close a gap with another block, they can built it in a way they get stuck there (eg. a room that has a door and one of the walls have a hole that lead to small rocks area, the pawn will seal himself in the rock)
  Picky pod launcher
If you have some chicken, and creating a stockpile zone in a way they will lay eggs inside of it, when selecting the eggs to be loaded inside a pod launcher, a pawn will not get a hand full of eggs, or get all the nearby eggs and load in the pod, instead he will grab one egg at the time and load it.

------- Others
  Nobody can serve two lords
It can be a bit frustrating using the convert option in the prisoners, soon as they have crises of belief soon as they are almost being converted, and change to another religion to 50% (maybe a intentional mechanic?). That makes hard to convert prisoner without a warden, since if prisoner are happy they won't convert, and if they are frustrated, they will keep resetting they beliefs.
I hope I was useful to you guys, rimworld is one my favorite games of all time after all, I wish I could support you guys with money. Anyhow, have a day, and I looking forward to see an animation or movie in the future.


There's no 'Allow harvesting' option in vanilla, and mod bugs should be reported to mod authors.

'Allow sowing' works for me in vanilla.

Quote from: Notreallysomeone on August 25, 2022, 10:58:11 PM
Downed pawns will not be rescued by other, unless ordered to do it

It's not a bug, it seems to be an intended feature. Pawns just don't feel they are smart enough to rescue properly. May be, they'll get smarter some time.