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Reload time and clip size


Guns use their aim time as interval between shots until their clip is empty, then they use their reload time. 

For example, a Revolver would be able to shoot very quickly, until it expends its 6 shots, then it takes a long time to reload.  An SMG would be able to empty its entire clip very quickly.  The Bolt-Action Rifle would have a longer time between shots, but be relatively quick to reload.  Could be a button somewhere that allows pawns to reload manually. 

Under the current system, a lot of the late game weapons and modded weapons can feel weird.  Clip size should provide a new way to balance weapons, increase verisimilitude and allow for some interesting combinations like a stick-magazine Thompson vs a drum-magazine Thompson. 

"Bro, just play CE!"

CE sucks.  The normal game combat is fine, it's just guns without reloading feels weird. 

If this happens to get passed along to the game devs, I willingly forfeit any ownership of this idea and any right to seek compensation or damages if it is implemented.  Go nuts. 


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