[1.3.3387] Language files with incorrect coding, causing them to not function

Started by Pangaea, September 22, 2022, 01:11:52 AM

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Found a year old thread about this, and a mod said it would get looked into, but this bug / problem still persists to this day. I'm on Linux as well and downloaded from SendOwl, if that happens to matter. The thread appears to be locked, so that is why I'm making a new one.

I have the same issue as in that thread. Some of the languages files show up with incorrect encoding, and the consequence is that those languages don't show up as options in the game. I can't even open the files/archives. I am on Linux Mint 20.3 64-bit.

Looks like for the files with non-typical (a-z) characters, the files don't work correctly.

Edit: I tested by renaming a file (Norwegian in this case) and removing the stuff behind tar.gz, and now the language showed up in-game. So looks like there is a pretty easy workaround. Norwegian wasn't fully translated I saw, but that's not a bug ofc.