Too many undergrounders?

Started by Alenerel, September 28, 2022, 03:05:14 PM

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When rolling pawns in tribal, I get the feel that there are many pawns with the trait undergrounder. I was watching a youtuber that uses no mods, and he got a similar result.

It was so annoying rolling pawns to choose that I ended up ignoring it... THen noticed that 4 of my 5 starting pawns were undergrounders.

I was wondering if you guys have the same experience or if its just me, or if this is intended or a bug.


It sounds like bad luck with the RNG.

You could check the XML files to see how often they are supposed to get that trait.


Might be something tied to your ideology.


i have some mods but they're so vanilla it's almost sad. 

in a colony of 24 pawns -- mostly "migragrated" [as in: having a sock-party thrown for each one upon arrival] from other neolithic tribes like my own ...

... 4 were undergrounders.        i think if our modern society had the same 1/6th ratio of agoraphobics in it, some agency like the NIHS would have declared it an endemic by now