[1.4.3517 64bit] New Colony not working?

Started by thefriendlychap, October 17, 2022, 01:15:51 AM

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When reporting a bug, please include:

1. What the circumstances were:
I loaded the game. I did have mods loaded.

2. What happened.
I clicked the "New Colony" button. Did nothing. So I went to Mods and unloaded everything. Ran only Core, Royalty, and Ideology. After restarting the game, the button still does nothing. So I unloaded everything except "Core" and the button STILL does not respond at all.

3. What you expected to happen.
I expected to be presented with the screen to choose options for a new game.

4. Steps we can follow to make the bug appear on our machine. This part is important! We need a set of steps which we can follow to get the same results you're seeing. Ideally you'll test these steps to make sure they work from scratch.
See 2 for what I did, and what continues to happen.

5. Savegame file
Not relevant, no save involved if game can't start.


You skipped step 6, the log file.
I bet it's the usual issue, 1.3 scenario files.
Delete all scenario files (.rsc) from previous versions.
1.4.3520 is out so you should update.


We are working on scenario issues, a fix for them was released today,. Let me know if this isn't related to having scenarios, though.