is the kickstarter Nebula inginging on rimworlds copyrite

Started by Xpherion, October 17, 2022, 07:19:40 PM

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There is a new game listed under the kick starter name Nebula being developed by a studio called chaos systematic on first glance it just looks like a modded copy of rimworld


That's wild. It looks very much like another rimworld. The biggest difference is it takes the idea of the space exploration of "Save Our Ship" and turns it up quite a few notches. I've never played SOS but I imagine it doesn't do planet exploration quite like what Nebula looks like it's going to do.

With Rimworld's success there's bound to be spin-offs but it's up to Tynan and his legal team to judge if the game is different enough to be considered a different intellectual property.  You could argue Clanfolk is a medieval ripoff of Rimworld but if you play it, it plays very different from medieval modded Rimworld does but that's just one example.


This sounds familiar.

Nebula Kickstarter, October 2022:

Quote from: FAQThe game reminds me of RimWorld/Prison Architect/Dwarf Fortress/No Man's Sky!

Awesome! We enjoyed playing those gems too! Nebula was greatly inspired by our favorite games, and it being a colony sim, of course, there are few common mechanics. However, we knew from the very first day of development, that if we wanted to create a fun and unique colony management game, we had to provide players with a fresh and exciting gameplay experience that is unlike any other title. This is why we put such a heavy focus on exploration and player action consequences in an enormous explorable galaxy, driven by complex interactive simulation systems, with the hopes of creating a new approach to the colony sim genre!
Regarding the graphics, unfortunately, we are not the best artists out there, but once we secure some funding for the game, we will hire professional artists to create a unique and distinct look for Nebula! We only made the current assets to serve as placeholders to get our ideas across!

RimWorld Kickstarter, October 2013:

Quote from: FAQIt looks a lot like Prison Architect. What's up with that?

Blame my (Tynan's) lack of art skill - especially with characters. I made the character art you see in the trailer as a stopgap, and borrowed the Prison Architect style because I'm not a good enough artist to develop a new one. They were never intended to be final. With this Kickstarter, we'll be able to get a real artist who can sit down and develop an original style for RimWorld.

I've talked with the original Prison Architect artist, Ryan Sumo, and he's fully supportive of RimWorld. We didn't share any art or code with the PA guys.

Compare Rimworld's original Kickstarter trailer to Prison Architect's characters and you can see what Tynan meant. Around two months later, Tynan hired Rhopunzel, who gave Rimworld its own character art style.
Some sort of psychic wave has swept over the landscape. Your colonists are okay, but...
It seems many of the scythers in the area have been driven insane.


I also thought it looked like almost a copy of Rimworld, but the posters above have a point.

I haven't played it so cannot compare.

But it also made me think of games such as Doom, Quake, and so on. When something really good comes up, lots of "clones" are made by other companies and they look a lot like each other and play a lot like each other, but this is mostly part of the game market and not considered copyright infringement, right?

If Ludeon invented a new kind of game with RW (as far as I know, they did), it's only to be expected that other games will be made that are very much like it, since it is so popular.