Passing/Visiting - moods

Started by Killaim, August 22, 2014, 04:05:45 PM

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hey there - got a suggestion for how passing and visiting people might be improved

i noticed when on big maps and if the area if littered with alot of dead people and passing/visiting people come through they will almost always become psycotic and start to kill each other or just give up and leave.

but it also causes those that dont give up or become psychotic to stand still where the psycotic guy happened (cause they need to stop and shoot him)

this then causes a spiralling psycotic blob to form where they will stay and murder/leave each other

My idea for this is as follows

Perhaps give the travlers a mood bonus
various exambles

1. Prepared for a hard journey
2. Determined travelers
3. Leader bonus (someone is guiding them giving them a bonus (he dies . bonus gone)

same could be done with visiters unless the meaning of visitors were to actually present as a group of hungry people looking for a free lunch (and then you should try to feed them or suddenly you got a spiraling murder blob on your front porch (happened to me - was hillarious but it  also blocked my people from going out side - and the cleanup was also hard)

But in summary

Give travelers a mood buff to perhaps prevent spiral psychose
give basic visitors a mood buff too (visiting neighbor)
add refugees looking for food (new event)

thats my long wall text and idea - thanx


From my understanding, your suggestion is to improve or avoid the overall "psychotic blob of death" that occurs, many times, inside your colony and can get pretty crazy. With the addition of passing moods, perhaps corpses could actually decay after a few hundred days, or maybe skeletons not giving a "rotting corpse" bonus the same way an actual rotting corpse would (terrible smell and appearance compared to seeing a skeleton which is frightening at worst).


that would also work to lower skeletons mood effect

but overall improvement on how a passing travling group works - because they will stand still the second something happens to one of them and then wait.