Need help for tunneler and deep drill

Started by porio, October 27, 2022, 10:28:07 AM

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Hi, I just started modding and  I have encounter a problem, i am trying to allow the tunneler to use the deep drill but when he try to use it i receive an error. does anyone  has a clue on why?

the only thing I have done is change the canBeDoneByMechs value in WorkGiverDef to true

Here is the error I recive:
Exception in JobDriver tick for pawn Mech_Tunneler290686 driver=JobDriver_OperateDeepDrill (toilIndex=1) driver.job=(OperateDeepDrill (Job_7326328) A=Thing_DeepDrill1078877)
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at RimWorld.JobDriver_OperateDeepDrill+<>c__DisplayClass1_0.<MakeNewToils>b__1 () [0x0002c] in <501333add04d433e9b8a51d43bed4954>:0
  at Verse.AI.JobDriver.DriverTick () [0x00163] in <501333add04d433e9b8a51d43bed4954>:0
UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace ()
Verse.Log:Error (string)
Verse.AI.JobUtility:TryStartErrorRecoverJob (Verse.Pawn,string,System.Exception,Verse.AI.JobDriver)
Verse.AI.JobDriver:DriverTick ()
Verse.AI.Pawn_JobTracker:JobTrackerTick ()
Verse.Pawn:Tick ()
Verse.TickList:Tick ()
Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick ()
Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate ()
Verse.Game:UpdatePlay ()
Verse.Root_Play:Update ()

I have made progresse on the matter, to the best of my knowledge, the origin of the error is when the game try to give XP to the mech when it use the drill. the only way I foud to fix that is to use harmony and do some transpiling.

Wish me good luck