Relationship culling

Started by Diodoron, November 19, 2022, 07:54:57 AM

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It has happened twice now in my current playthrough that relationships between pawns suddenly disappear completely. The first were a pair of half-sisters, colony born children who suddenly became acquaintances.
Now it happened to two of my starter pawns, brothers. They turned to acquaintance now. With that one of them now also has no relationship with his nephews.

Especially with Biotech and the introduction of having children this is a real bummer and an issue that has been around for some time as I found.

The pawns had relatives in other factions who are also gone now. Could this be the reason why their own relationship got culled, too?
And is there a solution?



I also have that problem from time to time, also made a bug report once that never got a response:


Oh!  I was looking for this exact topic

It's not even "over time".  This was literally like 8 minutes after I arrived at the Mission area, some pawn said to be the sister of my main "Tough" God-Pawn somehow lost that status before I even captured her.

I brought her back home anyway  (and the screenshot is a bit confusing because there's also that current "Prisoners auto-escape from the Caravan the instant they leave the map area" bug happening at the same time. ...but I had her own "sister" waiting at the Jail cell with double Power Claws all warmed up: reaction what so ever from her despite the Alert I'm mousing over still somehow tracking this information... which means the game IS retaining this info but it's not instancing it as a permanent global variable to all of the other Social/Mood classes possibly?