Alternative to ENB Prepare Carefully?

Started by code99xx, November 26, 2022, 01:21:09 AM

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I havent played rimworld in a while and thought to myself, hey, lets do another rimworld run and see whats new!

Whats new is that apparently ENB Prepare Carefully is very outdated and hasnt been touched in ages.

Sadly i dont think i can play without it. I really enjoy the ability to create my own pawns because i play somewhat RP like. There is always a story around who everyone is, why they are there etc. Since that mod is no longer updated and all the 1.4 forks i found are either not working or are buggy and such, i gotta ask

Is there an alternative to that mod or maybe a working fork that i missed?


I started using character editor I think it's called. Works fine, it's a little more confusing than prepare carefully, but what can you do.