[MOD Request] Signalis Replikas

Started by BlackOut122, January 08, 2023, 05:53:47 AM

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Having played the game, the whole story is basically a Rimworld one.

Anyways, I think a mod featuring the Replikas would be great. They are basically self-aware androids with specific roles in their colony. Some of them also have psycasting capabilities. https://signalis.fandom.com/wiki/Replika_Units

Spoiler for the game:
- Set off to a far corner in space
- Ship goes boom, crashed
- They all try and survive in an icy planet
- Psycaster goes weird and the game begins


Hi BlackOut122,

Strange coincidence! It happens that I'm working on a mod to add Signalis content, to rimworld.
Trough, I am only on the weapons part for now.

But I would like to make replikas too ;).

I have to warn you, it's going to be my first mod and the first version will be with combat extended in mind. But I'm going to try to deliver at least a working mod without critical errors.

Have a nice day!