Map bugged when mining or deconstruct things

Started by Awrawra, December 06, 2022, 08:04:21 PM

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Hello everyone. I came back to play rimworld this week and I like to play heavy modded. I'm having a weird issue. I remember I had it before, but somehow managed to fix it, but now I'm not finding the culprit.

After mining some resources, there is a blank space of map that insists to not disappear. Some times the same happens when I deconstruct something on the map, like the starter crushed ship piece, and when I try to deconstruct it, I just can't select the block (because it was already deconstructed but still appearing on the map). Wether I go to main menu and back to the map, all is good and no issues till the next mining of resources.

Here two examples what I'm saying:

Anyone knows which mod is causing this issue?

My mod list: