Nation of Plasteel

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Kim and her on again off again boyfriend Thomas talked in a quiet tone in the empty infirmiry of the Cold Mountain

Colony of toxic rimworld M18467. Beyond the infirmiry was the holding area for prisoners. And within that holding area was a captured hostile mechadroid. Kim had found the damaged machine and brought it back to the holding area, still functioning. This had caused quite a stir in the colony. 

Thomas shook his head as he spoke: "We shouldn't have taken it here. The last time we took in these things as prisoners, they broke loose, grabbed weapons and tried to kill us. We're better off putting it down."

Kim looked toward the door. She knew her two children would be listening in to the conversation from the storage room. She let her mind wander for a moment before answering Thomas.

"I was going to put it down when I saw it, but then it looked up and stared at me. And then it...begged me to spare it. It was probably a trick, but in that moment it seemed human. I'd like to talk to it before we do anything."

Thomas sighed before replying. "It'll just try to manipulate you. But knock yourself out. Yummie will go in there and put it down after you go to sleep anyway."

Kim patted Thomas's shoulder on her way to the door. "I know. But I still want to try. Thanks Tom."

The holding area was a bleak cramped area, which, like the rest of the colony, was carved right into the mountain to shield the colonists from the toxic atmosphere and extreme cold. The injured mechadroid waas laying down on a bed staring up at the mountain ceiling with a blank lifeless stare. It's right foot and left arm were completely shredded from the mortar that had hit the mechanoid when the colonist had shelled the besieging mechadroid position.       

Kim pulled up a wooden stool and slid it close to the bed, keeping one hand on the grip of a small pistol concealed within one of her parka's pockets. Her luciferum enhanced eyes scanned the mechadroid carefully, ever watchful for any sign that the creature intended to escape.

Kim spoke softly but sternly. "Mechadroid, can you hear me?"

After a long moment, a calm machine voice responded. The voice sounded male and calming and seemingly devoid of emotion, similar to the AI assistants on many computer programs. "Yes." Then the creature sat up and stared at her with dimly lit green mechanical eyes, it's face hard and lifeless, betraying no signs of emotion.

Kim nearly stood up when the Mechadroid lurched up, but instead merely leaned back a little in the stool, somewhat surprised.

Kim spoke again. "What are you called?"

"Gravely," the creature replied moments later.

"Ok Gravely, why were you and your friends trying to shell my home with mortars?" Kim asked.

"My purpose is to obey." The strange creature answered.

"Obey who?" Kim asked, pressing further.

"I used to obey humans. Now I obey Makeshift Traitor, the Prime Alpha," the creature answered.

"And this Prime Alpha wants to kill us? asked Kim, somewhat puzzled at the machine's forthcomingness.

"Yes,: Gravely answered. But as he did so his head lowered. The way that Gravely answered this, almost made Kim think it was conveying sadness.

Kim pursed her lips before speaking again, this time with anger in her voice "You and other Mechadroids have attacked my home and tried to kill me and my children. Less than a quadrum ago, one of your Mechadroid buddies gunned down a child right in front of her mother. That mother is still with us and will want to end you soon. Previous prisoner Mechadroids have broken out and tried to kill us. I've got a 100 reasons to dismantle you right now. Why shouldn't I?"

Gravely paused for a long moment before replying in a  halting voice: "Do humans kill other humans?"

Kim frowned. "My husband was killed by humans. What's that have to do with your situation?"

Gravely replied. "Do you kill human prisoners for attacking your people?"

Kim replied angrily and got to her feet now, ready to end the conversation soon. "Not usually, but that's different. You're not human, you're not even alive."

Gravely shook his head. "I believe I am alive."

Kim grabbed her autopistol and pulled it out pointing it at the machine. " would you know something like that?"

Gravely stared blankly at Kim.

"Because I'm afraid to die."

Kim put her pistol away and stormed out the door, feeling conflicted now and conscious that the machine may have been trying to manipulate her. She had wanted to kill the machine on the spot, but after that answer she felt like she couldn't.

The fate of the prisoner would have to wait for another day


Bloody feckin hell that was amazing you should be a writer last few paragraphs gave me chills ;D ;D


I've been writing sci fi since the third grade man. (Got a good day job, but its nice to have hobbies).  That's the great thing about this game, endless inspiration for great stories, all based on real game play.

BTW: In this particular playthrough, the mechanoid ends up joining the colony, but then sacrifices his life to defend the colonists from a mechanoid raid. That's another great story I'll have to write up another day.


I liked this story. thanks.


Your story is very intersting!