AAR39 3.2.5503 Expedited Settlement Abandoment

Started by RedPine, March 06, 2023, 08:25:57 PM

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Posting to Ludeon instead of reddit for the first time in... years?  Hopefully I'm less likely to find chatbots here  :)

Bug hives showed up near by.  As did a thrumbo.  There's a very, very small chance we can solve both problems with one manhunter.

That went poorly.  I vastly underestimated infestations.  They spread fast, and the queens are tough.  In a last ditch effort, I'm summoning a Diabolus.

No sign of the Diabolus yet, aside from a kill signal.  Could be another day or two, depending on where in the system it's coming from.

The insects continue to expand.  They killed another militor breaking through the door.  Replaced the old spintered door with plasteel.  Hopefully it will last.

If this gambit doesn't work, we'll have to flee and start over elsewhere.

Diabolus has arrived, now to make sure he goes after the right target.
Never mind.  From the sounds of it, he is already going after the insects.  Glorious blazing cannons!

We have been forcefully evicted from our home.  The Diabolus was too much for the hunting insects, and had no interest in hunting down the actual hives.  We managed to escape with precious few supplies, and our research.

We will rebuild stronger than before.  With a better exit strategy, too.

[Major Mods]
Better Infestations:  Makes the insects scarily smart, and allows hives to reproduce surprisingly quickly.  The way the insects split into defensive and offensive teams means hives are never defenseless, even if you try to bait the insects out.  Hit and run sometimes work, but is usually too risky.

Research Reinvented:  Research is far more precious than in Vanilla.  Unlocking tech isn't just a matter of sitting on a bench long enough.  You have to proactively find materials, craft prototypes, and - if you're lucky - reverse engineer existing items (including prototypes!).  I've never been this excited to *almost* have smithing unlocked before!

Research Reinvented Stepping Stones: Reorganizes the research tree to be more logical.  No more jumping steps in the research tree.

CAI 5000: Makes ordinary raiders smarter.  Increases the difficulty without needing to bloat raid sizes.  Also has a Fog Of War feature, but I eventually turned it off because there aren't enough QoL features to support it (such as cameras or listening posts).
[/Major Mods]

Will post pictures once I have that figured out.


Reserved for pictures.

We took what we could carry while the Diabolus burned our mansion - the work of years - around us.
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It didn't even have the decency to kill the Insects.  That's why we summoned it in the first place!
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At least we got to keep our precious research.
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I have to say, I'm pretty happy that I got to see the Biotech Mechanoids being as scary as depicted in the trailers.  All it took was a combination of self imposed challenges and some ludicrous research slowing mods to make the early game last long enough to be interesting.