[Mod Suggestion] Organic Turrets

Started by Dagoras, December 22, 2022, 10:40:48 AM

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Hey there, there are plenty of mods enhancing your tribal playtroughs, but on the defense there isnt much. Surely you got the dryads and with the Vanilla Expanded Dryads you even get some beefy types including ranged, but what wonders me is that there are no organic turrets yet. I dont know exactly if its difficult to implement them but i thought i share my vision for them.

Instead of energy they require nutrients, Kibble/Hay/Vegetarian stuff, heck maybe even meat for carnivorous plants. After X amounts of shots they require prunning ( instead of material maintenance like normal turrets ) maybe also regular prunning like once a week or so ( optional ).

For balancing i think it would be fair if toxic fallout applies to them ( so you need to roof em ) there could be toxic biome variants for them needing the waste to grow properly, they also need light of course so your defense either has some sunlight bulbs or you need natural sunlight ( would make it mroe difficult if toxic fallout comes around ) maybe they also need to grow instead of being build, so your defenses would need a while until they are up ( maybe just need to build a pot like the bonsai/plant pot and then it grows ) , also after x days they die and have to be regrown. Fire of course is lethal for them but they wouldnt explode like normal turrets making them viable for placing within your colony aswell.

For variants maybe there is a melee carnivorous one ( would more be a trap i assume ), a poison spitting one (toxic buildup ), maybe a needle spitting one ( high AP and dmg, slow rate of fire ) , some kind of shotgun one ( because for fun ), and if its to be exotic either a fire spitting or a toxic gas spitting one? Other than that of couse there could be x more.

Well, i dont know if its possible to somehow combine the turret mechanics with the plant mechanics, but i really would like to see some organic turrets, maybe even insectoids use them to defend their nests? Would also give tribal NPC colonies/sides some static defenses.

If it aint possible, well cant be changed, but i thought i present my idea and maybe some ambitional modder sees it as a challenge. :D

Happy Holidays,