Add a way to teach bedridden children to fulfill their learning need

Started by Amnesiac, December 26, 2022, 08:58:11 PM

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This poor child has Paralytic abasia. He lies in his poor quality bed in his cave bedroom with no light, no friends, and no entertainment. He lies there and does nothing all day. Despite that, he's not all that unhappy. His biggest complaint? Not learning anything new!

Is it possible for us all to band together and get this poor child a tutor that will come to his bedside and teach him a few things? Maybe he won't be as good with physical work, but he could learn how to do math and writing! Maybe he can still grow up to be book-smart and be a useful member to society!

Or maybe he will spend the rest of his childhood in his cave... all alone... not having learned a single thing his entire childhood... his face tattoo is fitting.