RimWorld RPG Ruleset

Started by Alex_Feather, December 28, 2022, 12:18:05 PM

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Hello guys, about two months ago i decided to start an RP campaign for my two friends based on RimWorld setting. Firstly i wanted to roll with standard DnD ruleset, quickly realized that it will now work, and arrived for my first game completely without any ruleset at all. I just told my players to roll standard DnD ability scores, then told each one something like "you good making machines +3 to machines for you" and for some reason we had very pleasant time playing.
Players demanded moar Rimworld RP, i realized i can't roll without ruleset forever, so i started developing my own, which is now a mish-mash of honestly stolen mechanics from other games, and also digged up systems from my previous attempts at rulemaking (health system for example), and also heavily based on RimWorld game mechanics, and also VERY work in progress.

Now i'm kinda in need of some critics and support and maybe help with that pile of my grammar errors (pardon my English is very bad, London is the capital of Great Britain) and maybe some inspiration, new ideas and so on, full list i will... tell Santa maybe.

So-o, everything is in my Google Disk, links below, please spend some of you time for this nonsense i call my RWRPG Ruleset, and if you leave a comment here or in the GoogleDocs File it will be much appriciated, and thx for your attention.

Core Rules
Combat Rules
Backstories Table
Traits Table
Character Sheet
Weapon Profiles


Hello everyone, just a quick update here, because i worked out some survival mechanics, weapon/combat system, also few weapon profiles and started to develop psycast rules.

I also wanted to mention that actually using this rules to play Rimworld Roleplay with my friends, and this is why development of new rules gous a little chaotic, as i add the between sessions to cover up the content of following session. The point is that rules are actually working, and i'm trying my best to make them as playable as possible and test them as i write them.