Children Should Be Nerfed (but maybe in this way that's still fun)

Started by Liwet, December 28, 2022, 11:11:43 PM

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The ability to pick only the best traits and to force children to be passionate about a skill you're missing in your colony makes children in longer games just way too overpowered.  Though I feel the player should have some control over the growth of children, sometimes children just don't grow up the way you want them to.  I'd like to propose some changes that will nerf children and add a little randomness to the growth process.

Children would still have 8 growth tiers with each tier affecting their traits or a passion.  When a child has a growth moment at ages 7, 10, and 13, the game will pick 6 skills for the passions to randomly pick from.  For each growth tier affecting passions the game will randomly pick an additional skill to add to the pool and then the player would be permitted to eliminate one skill from the pool.  The game will then randomly assign however many passions you have among the remaining skills with no skill being picked more than once for that growth moment.  You can still funnel the child's passions into shooting or medical but maybe, just randomly, he decides he's really into animals or plants and you'll just have to deal with that.

You can do the same with traits.  At each growth moment, the game would pick 3 traits randomly.  For each growth tier that affects the traits, the game will add an additional trait to the pool and you'll be permitted to eliminate one.  Then out of the 3 remaining traits, the game will pick one randomly.


As far as traits go I'd prefer if they reflected their experiences more, perhaps a child forced to fight might develop psychopathy, or a bloodlust, or even cowardice from the trauma.

Being caught in a massive fire might cause them to developed pyromania fromghe experience, or give them a chemical fascination to cope
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