Meme:Lvl 1000 Barbarian in Coc along with Lvl 1 000 000 Barbarian King

Started by Samapple31, August 25, 2020, 11:35:53 PM

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Hi fans all over the world! I was hypothetically creating a meme where there are level 1000 barbarians along with a level 1 000 000 barbarian king. They have high health and high damage but the difference is the barbarian king is asteroid sized. When they attack, They're pretty dangerous! While the barbarians have high health and damage, the well defended base hasn't. Nothing can stop em' now!
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To convince yourself that you are correct in this situation, I suppose you engage in some pretty wacky mental acrobatics. You've breached forum rules before, and now you want to argue that you were unfairly punished for doing so?

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