The Future of Rimworld and Its Modding Community.

Started by Armchair_Tactician, September 14, 2023, 01:11:41 PM

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I've been surfing the internet when I was informed of Unity's new pricing plan for 2024. Apparently, it involves a charge to creators based on the number of downloads. Here is the link:

Interested, I checked on Reddit and Twitter (no Elon, I don't care for a name picked out by someone who's bad at names), and it appears that many indie game developers, as well as big names like Nintendo for instance, weren't too happy with the changes. Some even contemplated migrating to Godot and Unreal.

My burning question(s) is how will this affect Rimworld in the future? Can we expect to continue playing this wonderful game in the future? Can I continue planning to create mods for this game or would I have to learn a brand new framework and even a new programming language?