Set max quantity of stored items for shelves and stockpile zones

Started by alxgvr, May 29, 2023, 01:41:10 PM

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Let the player set maximum amount of particular resource which can be stored in particular stockpile or shelf. Here is an example:

I have shelf in the dining room which contains beer, smokeleaf and tea. So pawns can take whatever they want to have fun and socialize. I need to store 10 items of each, no more. Rest of beer, smokeleaf and tea should be situated in stockpile for trade. That means I must select this particular shelf and set "store no more then 10 items" for each drug, and put it on "critical" priority. So pawns will carry drugs on that shelf in a first place, but when max cap is reached - they proceed to cary rest of the items to other storage places.

Another words: I don't need three stacks (150 items each) of smokeleaf in my dining room (and no beer and tea, because no space for them left on the shelf) . I need 10 smokeleaf, 10 bear and 10 tea on the shelf in the dining room constantly, and rest (hundreds) for sale in the stockpile zone.

Same for medicine. I want to store 1 pack of herbal meds in the prison. I dont need to store 25 or 100 there. 1 pack will lay on the shelf in prison until is used for prisoner treatment. Because I will set max cap for herb meds on this shelf at "1" and priority at "critical". Rest of meds will lay in my hospital on a shelf with priority "important".

Imagine, you can can store 1 meal in personal bedroom for each pawn! Your pawn wake-up in the morning, takes his/her breakfast right in the bedroom on a shelf. Because shelfs in each pawn's bedroom are set to "critical priority", "meal", "store no more than 1". Rest in the frige.

This rule will give much more control, flexibility and less micromanagement. You can make auto-managed chains of stockpile zones/shelves! Especially on pair with "Manage outfits depending on textile, storage depending on materials" suggestion: