Preventing animal doctors from feeding fine meals to animals

Started by Bledg the HighlyFlammable, June 04, 2023, 01:23:17 PM

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Bledg the HighlyFlammable

Something I've found really annoying to deal with... injured animals being fed fine meals. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable this. Am I just blind, or is this just not an option? Being forced to micromanage my pawns because i don't want them to feed fine meals to animals that receive no benefit from them feels like a massive waste of time.


Have your animals and pens not very close to your meal freezer. Also have multiple spots where your animals/pawns have access to kibble, because if all kibble is reserved by animals and other pawns, your medic pawns choose to look for other food. But if your medic decides to feed the sick animal while he's near the freezer, it's possible he picks up the closest meal.

To avoid stressing about it you can produce enough surplus food so it doesn't really matter if your animal occasionally gets a fine meal. That kinda solves it for me, but once I was royally pissed when my crop storage burned, there was plenty of kibble but few meals to feed the humans and my medics did exactly this.

Bledg the HighlyFlammable

Meh. I suppose the better shelving system makes this a somewhat okay option. Having a small door-locked room/closet within my animal medical areas with a 1-tile shelf stuffed with kibble makes this kinda palatable. Or just making a zone.

It just feels like this should be a default feature a la the dietary restriction system for pawns.

I will say that my 250 chickens and 20 cows all dying of heatstroke at the same time really hammered home the annoyance for me. I had a lot of medics trying to move and feed a lot of fainted animals, and they weren't exactly making wise choices.


I'd rather caravans not feed meals to pack animals, especially if you've taken hay, veggies or kibble for the animals. Animals are supposed to graze while on caravan which means they should eat grass while on caravan first, then any kibble, veggies or hay you brought along. Meals should be the last thing animals are fed on caravan. I get so tired of sending enough meals for the pawn(s) to eat for the round trip, to find out all the meals are gone when they arrive at the destination trade city.