Alert state

Started by Sprayer2708, August 25, 2014, 09:12:59 AM

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Add in Colony toggleable alarms in different varieties.

For example, alert level one would hinder the colonists from leaving the home area, level two would automatically draft all or predefined colonists and send them to predefined posts and keep the undrafted colonists from entering the battlezones.

I believe some suggestions similar to alert level one were already made so I'm not going deepder into that.

Alert level two would reduce the micromanagement required for every single raid, for example I tend to always put my pistol equipped colonists right around the corner of the entrance, those with long range rifles in plain sight but far away from there. At 12+ colonists it becomes quite a hassle to first draft all colonists, then assign every one to the very same position they always have to assume over and over again. Not even mentioning checking every single drafted colonists gear wether that one was equipped with a rifle or lmg or assault rifle.


I like the idea of different states with certain presets to make defense setup easier. More discussion here.