Recycling of weapons

Started by Malerio, August 24, 2014, 01:00:43 PM

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I am currently sitting on around 30+ weapons just laying around on stockpile somewhere and I keep piling up more with each raid. I also have like 30.000 silver so I don't need anymore of that by selling the weapons. What I am always short of is metal because I have to rebuild defenses after raids.

So my suggestion would be to add a function to the machining table to scrap unwanted weapons into metal. Even if it's just a little from each one I think it would help a lot.

I'm bored of waiting for an industrial trader to show up.


have you tried haplo's workbenches mod?


Or use that money for industrial traders?
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1. Use huge amount of silver to bribe all factions friendly
2. Sell gun stockpile
4. Profit!