Somebody please help! I am losing my mind with food integer overflow!

Started by joey3155, October 08, 2023, 05:36:30 PM

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About 80% of my 50 plus pawns have this weird food integer overflow. I have tried moving out various food related mods from my list, nothing fixes it, tried verifying game files, I can't 50/50 because then I can't load the save to test if it's fixed and the issue does not show up in new games. Whatever is causing it is time related it started out affecting only a few colonists but as more game time accrued it affected more and more of them. And because it's not throwing an error I literally have no idea whats causing it.

Here is a screenshot of it:
And here is my mod list:

Besides the time aspect another thing about the food integer bug besides the fact the value is permanently locked at -2147483648% is that except for affected pawns not eating food they seem to function normally otherwise they work, play, "play", research, fight, and do everything else normally. Despite being five years into this playthrough and it affecting a good 80% of my pawns the other 20% are unaffected.