When pressing add bill on medical tab, does nothing, also...

Started by i7tytiytti7ytyo7yt, November 19, 2023, 03:00:57 PM

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Also when hovering over medical things on a pawn it shows the description for a split second, and then just turns into this blank transparent black box. Also i made a new world, added some mods to that world AFTER creating it, didnt like a mod called combat extended, so i removed it, pressed save mods, restarted rimworld, loaded my save for my new world and the problems started occuring. Haven't noticed anything besides those. Also when i descovered the problem it was a prisoners health thing.


From what i've heard and read adding or removing CE is highly discouraged mid save.  I would try doing a "verify files" in steam and then creating a new colony or load a save from before CE was ever installed.