Do colonists "reserve" stacks they pull from while performing an action?

Started by ithiliel, August 24, 2014, 03:45:40 AM

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I had a small hospital room in my colony, with a single-square stockpile of medicine. Two of my colonists were doctors, which was great because a combination of raid + drone had left everyone else as gibbering bullet-ridden lunatics. The stack of medicine had about 49 kits.

I noticed that I couldn't get both doctors to use medkits at the same time. I even tested it by having one doctor stop mid-heal by drafting, then undrafting and setting healing to priority. They would just pass the same medkit back and forth, and if one was using it, the other would heal without medicine, even though there was a stack of 48 more medkits two steps away.

Does this have to do with reserving? Is a stack considered reserved when a pulled medkit is currently being used to heal... even though the medkit had been dropped? Or were my doctors just dorks? (This is possible.)



That's odd.  I thought they just reserved the quantity they needed; not the whole stack.  Maybe that was just for meals though?


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