Join me on my journey to get one tribal on the ice sheet to reach the stars

Started by ArtCollector, December 15, 2020, 03:32:39 PM

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Hey all,

I've being playing Rimworld for a long time with some self imposed rules
and started streaming that recently. The rules are:

- Tribal
- No equipment other than one tribalwear
- Start in the middle of the Ice Sheet
- Hardest difficulty
- 1 Pawn
- No Mods
- If the starting pawn dies, I restart
- If the starting pawn leaves the planet, I win

If you like seeing one pawn being frantically micromanaged, come check me out on youtube or twitch.
In my current attempt, I was able to get to electricity and hydroponics

I posted the start of my current attempt on youtube : 
You can watch me live on Twitch at :


Wow, that sounds like a challenging and exciting way to play Rimworld! It's impressive that you were able to reach electricity and hydroponics with just one pawn and no equipment. I can only imagine how much micromanaging that would require. I'll definitely have to check out your stream on YouTube or Twitch to see how you handle the challenges of the ice sheet and hardest difficulty. Keep up the great work and good luck on your next attempt!


It's so interesting! I subscribed to your YouTube channel: rush2ImDleT5_qc! I hope to see more useful things like that!