I beg you to update console

Started by Pained Console Player, April 05, 2024, 02:51:52 AM

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Pained Console Player

I've heard a lot of cool things about the new Anomaly DLC, and that does seem quite nice. But the way things are, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy it. And not just me, plenty of others. I play on an Xbox 1S, and our version doesn't have biotech, and hasn't actually been updated since May 12th, 2023. That's a while ago, and as such we're missing a lot of features.
Look, I realise we're not the main market for you guys. Yes, you're mainly PC oriented. But this does make you money. I've bought the previous DLCs. I'd buy future ones. But it pains me to know that's not possible. Just at least give us a patch, let us settle more than one base, make our shelves actually good! Instead of making another DLC, give us biotech! Please, anything at this point would be nice, I just...
We're missing a lot. It would mean the world to me, along with some others, if you could please just update our version.
We can't all get PCs y'know. For all of us on console, be that Playstation or Xbox, please update our game at least once. Cheers!

-A Pained Console Player