Some reworking I see in the game

Started by NigelMChamlers, April 06, 2024, 03:27:28 PM

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I play RimWorld occasionally and have under 1000h. I have encountered some things in the game that I feel should be updated, because of inconsistency with already established systems in the game, or give me a reason to feel frustrated while playing and that does not include Randy or Cassandra that hate me.

I am aware that You (developers) can't implement suggestion/ideas because of some lawsuits? We can write up a quick note that I will sell it to You for a DLC or free, if it is needed. I just want some mechanics of the game to work better, to make the game less frustrating:

- Party called off, because pawn that has started it got flu and had self tending on.
- Party is not working properly, I'm getting non stop micro management headache because I need to constantly change pawn schedule to recreation, draft it and undraft it, because if they don't have recreation they walk away from the party, I have same issue with weddings.

Solution: Maybe create an option like in ideology, You do a 'social ritual' that you could start party or wedding. You could get a pop up, that pawn X want to start a party because of a reason "defeated raid, pawn joined, got healthy, created masterpiece" and so on. It would be great for the story, and of course creating memes ;)
That way it would lock pawns up in that activity.

- Feeding injured animals, feeding animal tab!!! I'm sick of pawns that feed animals the best meals or animals that do hauling going for best meals or killed colonists. If someone has a suggestion it would be a huge help.
Just yesterday I had a situation where my pawn got killed, I made a zone to haul him near resurrection serum and what do You know. Animal overrided my command to resurrect, so he can eat the corpse instead of feeding on meat in the freezer or kibble, or literary anything else.

Solution: Make the same meals tab that colonist have and system where they override it when They're starving, or make a new furniture "bowl" or something.

- Pawns should lock more stacks when hauling, if they have capacity, and the stacks are near each other so it won't be like there are 2 stacks of 1 quantity and 2 pawns are going instead of 1, so it would be a 'pawn' override, but weaker than 'player' override order.

- Haul work as a priority to production building, if 5 spaces or so around taken item, reason? Pawns leave 1/2 quantity of the item instead of hauling it, and leaving it for other pawn to pick up and taking it near production building that has shelves for that item. I think it would work with bellow suggestion for shelves exclusive for production building.

- Togglable notification about restock when buying form towns.

Now not so important:

- Automilker, in real life caws are going themselves to milkers, there is no reason to do it in RimWorld where there are tons of more exotic technology.

- Link a group of shelves with a production building, so pawns don't take resources from them for other tasks than production. It would help with sculptures, metal for shells etc.
- In shelves and zones there should be an option to get the number of items allowed, for example I need only 5 bricks to build a wall and want it ready, not 75. there should be a slider, or an option to write number manually. I understand that it is... Gimmicky, and not overall needed for most players.

- Add an option to name tasks, small change, but needed for those who like clean tabs in production.

- Darkness mood should have tiny cooldown.

- Make a certain quality furniture. a system where you choose a quality and they will construct furniture and deconstruct until quality is reached, also do shelves count to colony wealth? If they do that's my main reason to post this problem/idea. 'Planetary Master' that knows how to build masterpieces on daily basis, should know how to make an awful item.

- If shelf count and above can't be implemented and least make that, if they have quality maybe make it so the higher quality will be accommodating more things on shelves? Make my masterpiece shelf do something! :D

- Aurora is weak, non existent, maybe do a mood buff 'saw aurora' or make her last for longer?

- Reacon helmet description has 'built in computer' that gets no bonuses for pawn, change description or add something,

- Multiple partners buff, beds for monogamists, or getting multiple opinion of lovers and spouses, system for Poliamory is not flesh out as it should be and I believe it has more downsides than merit.

Ideas/issues that are good in my selfish opinion, but are probably not so much for you:

- Axes should be getting a bonus for chopping trees, and some other melee weapons should get a trait or gimmick to use them(knife for cooking etc.), otherwise it is just a game of looking at raw stats of damage per second or downed chance. Maybe spears should have attack range of 1,5? or 2? etc.

- There should be a way to clean clothes and armor of the dead, it is a quality of life addition, and it should be added a long time ago, it should be expensive, or require a washing machine. We have a way to manipulate genes, but not to clean an clothing/armor?

- There should be a way to train pawns in combat, sometime in the mid/endgame where I can afford a only good for fighting pawn, I want it to learn it in safe environment.

- Balista? Catapult? Scorpion? Early game non automatic defense system and a new primitive sieges/huge primitive raids. I think it would do more interesting gameplay, if player had some more sieges besides mortars, and had fun way to battle raids instead of rushing for turrets.

- Sometimes I feel, if weapons should be nerfed, using it should destroy it. However there should be a option to repair them. You make a legendary item, and the only nemesis is downed pawn that leaves it on the ground. It could be toggable in game options, if player desire more challenge in his runs.