I'm not sure what is meant with create incident min-max days

Started by Kraehe, April 22, 2024, 03:50:46 PM

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Probably a dumb question but i want to be sure before starting anew.

When i use the create incident scenario and set max days to 10 for example. Does this mean that at least every 10 days i will get a raid? And when i set the min days setting to 5 days no raid can happen 5 days after the last one?

My issue is that in 1.4 after some years raids just stopped so i set that every X days a raid should happen, now that system is changed with min-max days and, because english is not my native language i want to be sure to understand it correct.

Thank you


Basically it's the set amount of time it is guaranteed to happen.

For instance, yours is 0-10. That means it could occur any time between you landing and 10 days after landing. It could be on day 5, could be thirty seconds after you pop out of the pods, it could be on day 10.

Selecting the 'repeat' means it will occur every 0-10 days. So you could get unlucky and have several raids a day because RNG gave you the short end of the timer.

If you want to make sure you have time to rest, recover, and clean up the battlefield, you should give yourself a few days minimum. Maybe set it to 7 minimum and 14 maximum, or something - that'd give you one week guaranteed rest (other than naturally-occuring events), then afterward,  you can anticipate a new one any time in the following week.


Ok, that was what i thought but i wasn't sure.

Thank you!