Options/Slider for the Xenohuman content in the faction menu

Started by ExampleHat, May 05, 2024, 04:18:05 AM

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The options to change how much Anomaly content you have in your game gave me an idea:  I would like to have something similar for BioTech in the faction selection.

Since I have Biotech, the majority of raids are Wasters, Yttakin etc. While I like the Xenohumans, I would enjoy them more if they were less prominent. I would like the game to be salted with them, instead them being the main course so to speak.

What I do atm is that I delete most of the Xenohuman factions by hand and replace them with human ones. That is a bit of a chore. I feel like this could be a fantastic place for a slider or options that determines how prominent you want this playthrough to be filled with Xenohumans. That would not only be more intuitive than removing factions by hand, it might also allow for more fine-tuning, maybe you could also change the percentage of Xenos in the normal human factions, so that you could reduce the pure factions of e.g. Yttakins, but make sure you see enough of them since they turn up more often in the human pirate faction.