[1.4-1.5] AAAA(Allowed Area Automatic Adapter)

Started by seeki, June 12, 2024, 02:17:05 AM

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I have just released a revolutionary mod "AAAA (Allowed Area Automatic Adapter)" that can automatically change the Allowed Area when a threat appears.

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AAAA is a managed mod that automatically issues evacuation orders to Colonists and Pets in response to the onset of a threat.
It automatically switches the permitted area in response to the arrival of raiders, predation by wild animals, and the landing of hostile pods.
Furthermore, once the threat is eliminated, the permitted area automatically returns to its original value, and you can return to your daily life.
This mod cannot promise you perfect safety, but it does reduce the risk of threats, especially to children and pets.

It only takes 3 steps to use
1. Set a pair "any name" and "any name#safe".

2. Set "any name" as your normal mode.

3. When an enemy appears, the allowed area will automatically change.

Compatible mod
Your inn guests can also change their Allowed Area.

Q: Does not respond when enemies appear.
A: Did you read the explanation? It doesn't work in Unrestricted setting or "CurrentAllowedAreaName#safe" does not exist.It is not okay to have anything with #safe attached, the names must be paired.
Additionally, if a Colonist is already drafted when a threat appears, it will not change the Allowed Area.

Q: How much of a negative impact does it have on performance?
A: There is almost no negative impact on performance, so please use it with confidence.

Special Thanks
Thank you to 風鈴 for the wonderful preview image.

Modpack makers are not allowed to include this mod in their modpacks.
I welcome other modders to create derivative mods based on this mod.

Redistribution of this MOD data is prohibited.

I have other wonderful mods published, so I would be happy if you would take a look. (^ω^)

If you are impressed by this mod, you can treat the author to coffee as an option.


can you supply a version that does NOT have evaporated by heat water?


This mod sounds great, but there's only a link for the Steam Workshop. Is there a way to use this mod in the DRM-free version? I'd really appreciate it.


I updated AAAA to version 2.0 and added a number of attractive features.

-Supports ManhunterPack detection.
-Supports Mechanoid Cluster landing detection, and considers them a threat even when dormant.
-Added Mod setting page.
-Users can select Allways high sensitivity mode.
-Users can freely change the suffix from #safe to another word.
-Users can turn emotes and sound effects on/off.
-Users can turn each detection target on/off individually.

I recommend using the default settings, so users don't need to worry about the new features.