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Started by Drover, June 17, 2024, 01:21:22 PM

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    This mod is a WIP and has been since 1.4. The mod will feature Factions, Quests, and "Dead Eye" all inspired by the Old Western Frontier of America. My goal with this mod started with the "Dead Eye" idea and quickly escalated out of control with apparel and weapons, etc. Here we are now, over 35 pieces of apparel drawn, 9 different weapons from RDR2, a legendary animal to hunt whom drops a pelt you can either sell to trapper faction or craft legendary gear with.

    So far the Art contributors are:

    Anthitei - Weapons/Animals
    Times New Roman - Weapons
    Apparel - Mwah

Since the original coder for the "Dead Eye" feature is just stopped working on it, it is really slowing down the progress for me on the update to 1.5 and could use some help. I am no coder and it is throwing the "NullReferenceException in the GetRangedPrimaryVerb" error.


  • Xml Balancing
  • Finish Infographics
  • Dead Eye Assembly update to 1.5
  • Trapper & Outlaw Factions


  • Implement a "Duel" ability, where two rival pawns may duel it out.

I will continue to update this post with more info. For now here is an infographic.

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