Friendship between colonists (simple system)

Started by Skaven252, September 02, 2014, 01:47:45 PM

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While a full relationship + love + kids mechanic is a huge and complex to do, we could first have a simple friendship system.

Bullet points:

  • Colonists who social chat with each other develop a bond between each other. The more they work and chat together, the stronger the friendship gets
  • Good friends get a work efficiency bonus if they work together. During combat they get a teamwork bonus (improved stats)
  • Good friends get a bigger mood boost from chatting with each other
  • On the flip side, there is a bigger mood penalty if they witness a close friend get hurt or die
  • Social skill modifier: High social characters form friendships with everyone but they don't bond strongly; low social skill characters concentrate their friendship tokens to fewer, if only one friend, but the bond is stronger



'Friendship tokens' caught my attention =P

Oh anyway! the kickstarter page implies that Ty has plans for relations/rivalries
somewhere down the line!

But yes I'm very excite for something like this being implemented!


On the right path, but the wrong medication.

I like how there's a thing that displays how long you've logged in to the forums. It shows just how many hours you've spent here, never to get back...


I don't know about the stats increase in combat, since it sounds a lot like the power of friendship and I'm not sure I want that in Rim World.

The rest sounds good, though.


First, eff you SSS for redirecting me back to TVTropes. That's another day lost.
Second, the heart is an awesome power.
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Remove stat bonuses that aren't morale related and you have my support.

Morale should boost stats alone, no need for special friends to do so.

Looks like we're all Tropers. xD
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