[M:0.6.534] UI: Hunt hot key misbehavior

Started by Mystic, September 03, 2014, 12:15:25 PM

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On the Mac, opening the Orders menu and then attempting to assign animals to be hunted using the Hunt hotkey "T" first causes the screen to zoom out a bit.  Then, a second or so later, the cursor finally changes to the hunt cursor.  None of the other hotkeys I have tried have the same effect (zoom out plus a second or so of delay before the cursor changes).

I assume this is because of a conflict between the overall use of the T key for zooming and its use for Hunt.  I didn't find any commands tied to the G key (zoom in) but I imagine they would have a similar problem if they existed.  Can the Hunt hotkey be reassigned to something that doesn't conflict with the zooming commands?  (Or the Zooming commands could be moved ... I personally don't find T and G to be the most obvious choices for this action anyway.)