Too many corpses...

Started by RemingtonRyder, September 04, 2014, 02:46:24 PM

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Currently implementing "no reason self combustion" mod with bodies of raiders and visitors evaporate instantly with 95% of items, 5% of items do drop. (only one of 20 riders drop weapon or armor on average)
Same for animals not marked for hunting in life.
Same for colonists but without 95% item loss.

With such rule set game play a bit more intense, since you just can't get endless *money* from selling weapons and can't get top tier armor\weapons from very first wave of riders.

Also piles of dead bodies do not cause madness on visitors and they wont kill each other ona arrival.


Perhaps some behaviour for raiders, they try to grab fallen weapons when they retreat?


Circle of life, carrion scavengers, sounds good!

Anyway, no-one asked you to have only 1 "bakery". :)
I have 4 in my base, and about 6-8 scattered through the map with a solar panel/generator each, so cleaning up the mess isn't that slow.
(These outside hardly get attacked by the way.)

One thing would be great, blood disappearing faster outside and in places without roof.

I've read that rain washes blood away, but never actually noticed it happening, currently my map looks like a sea of blood. Cleaning up THAT would be more of a pain.
To beer or not to beer.
That is a laughable question.


...or the game could challenge us in other ways than endless waves of enemies:

(Shameless self-promotion.)


Quote from: stefanstr on September 09, 2014, 06:11:28 AM
...or the game could challenge us in other ways than endless waves of enemies:

(Shameless self-promotion.)

can do the same:

having one strong entity or fewer but considerably stronger enemies which can destroy walls & building could be an idea for the lategame grind. basically having the equivalent to megabeasts and titans in dwarf fortress (the idea is pretty much at the bottom of the OP).