item comparison

Started by Xerberus86, September 04, 2014, 11:52:51 AM

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i know i already have a monster-sized suggestion thread but i feel like this is more of an urgent request than a simple suggestion (well more like every UI suggestion is like that but well here we are).

please let us compare the items we are looking at. for example on the ground lies a M-16 rifle and i have a M-14 equipped (or glock 17 or whatever), now if i click on "information" for the M-16 (the one on the ground) then why not:

1. color code the stats (red worse, green better)


2. put the stats for my equipped weapon right besides the stats from the weapon on the ground, that way i can make an informed decision if i want to equip those weapon or not.

this game has so much depth in its gameplay mechanics but the UI still needs to be improved to better deliver us the information we need.


That would indeed be very useful.   I second this.